Online Media

Ch. 10
Video Games

Before taking this course, I might not have categorized video games as mass communication. There are a lot of things I probably wouldn’t have considered communication. I have never been much of a “gamer”. Aside from the basic Mario Kart or Donkey Kong at a friend’s house growing up, I don’t have much experience with video games. Due to my lack of experience, video games are not something I consider when thinking about the ways advertisers and media communicate to me.

After listening to the class discussion (I obviously did not have any input), it became very apparent to me that there were so many people that use video games and are very committed to the different brands and communities with in the gaming world. It is clear now that advertisers saw a huge opportunity to reach this specific target audience and are taking advantage of it. Because video games have the ability to reach a very wide range of people, I would consider them to be a mass medium.



2 thoughts on “Online Media

  1. andrewkosinski13 says:

    Indeed. We gamers have our own communities however it used to be much larger. Once upon a time we had an entire subculture that involved big tournaments where people actually won things like money. Once upon a time competitive gaming was a way to make a little money. At one point we even had our own TV channel G4tv. But sadly those days are far behind usand the gaming community has gone more mainstream especially after the launch of the new XboxOne which acts as a secondary receiver for cable, Pandora, YouTube, Videogames, and can hook to many other devices, hence why they are called XboxOne, think Lord of the Rings. “One Ring to rule them all.”


  2. djhuntley says:

    A huge community that isn’t really reached by advertisers is Reddit. Tons of gamers live on there. I’d argue though that the market for video games in advertising has probably even surpassed magazines or newspapers at this point.


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