Ch. 11

In this society, it is near impossible to not be influenced by advertising, celebrities, and products. Style says so much about a person and can be directly related to what influences them. A lot of the products I can relate to this chapter are beauty and fashion related. For example, many skin care products and makeup advertise slogans about a “healthy glow”. This can be moisturizer that makes your makeup look more natural, self tanners, highlighting products that make your fave appear brighter. Whatever the product is, this example show that myself and others buy into the notion that a “glow” is the cool-girl, in-style trend. These products say a lot about me I’m sure, but I’d like to think they mainly say I take pride in the way I present myself not just for the impression or opinions or others, but also for the confidence in feeling I look my best. Who know? This could be another advertising tactic from the media.


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