Newspapers and the News

Chapter 6:
Minority in the Media

There is absolutely no purpose or reason for a gender or ethnicity to be included in a quote for a news story. Yes, being a woman or minority race may result in a different insight, but that should be apparent through word and thought. A minority point of view is very useful, but not necessarily more so than anyone else’s. Some may argue that it may give credibility to the story. This is where modern society’s definition of feminism comes into play. Feminism in today’s society is often misunderstood as the advancement of women. In reality, it is actually the advocacy of women’s rights. This way of thinking can be applied to any minority. The simple fact that someone is part of a minority does not define them. It does not hinder nor advance them.


One thought on “Newspapers and the News

  1. MelHopkinsdotcom says:

    OMG! Thank you! Veteran News Anchor/Reporter here (started my career in the mid-90s) and I posted a similar response on quora. We’ve moved into an era where many news consumers confuse commentary and news reporting.

    Saying “Hi”. I stumbled on your post when I added a mass communication tag to follow.


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