Chapter 5:
Change Over Time

Magazines have always been a large part of my life. Growing up I remember My mom saving all of her Southern Living and Home & Garden magazines. I would always look through them at all of the flowers, deserts, and southern styled homes and dream about the future. Then as I got older, I would cut pictures out and paste them together to make colleges and art projects through the years. Eventually I started to read “teen” magazines like Tiger Beat and Magazine. Now I prefer to read Vogue,  Elle, and Harper’s Bazar.

All three of these magazines provide content it’s readers cannot get elsewhere. This includes exclusive interviews and photoshoots with models specific for each magazine’s content. They also adapt to social changes and ape the public’s views of major societal issues by following the latest fashion and beauty trends. In addition, all three of these magazines are full of advertisements and that’s one of the things readers are actually looking for. In particular, Vogue is one of the largest magazines in the world with over 150 pages in each issue: the majority of which are ads.

For a while models were pictured as tall slender women with perfectly tanned, toned legs. Then people began to say it is promoting an “unhealthy body image” or “body dysmorphia” so the models and trends are beginning to see a shift. Magazines change because the desires of their audience changes. None of these changes could be considered “good” or “bad” just a phase. All these changes make for better magazines because ultimately it is a business so they should produce content that their readers want.


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