MJi:Generational Media Differences

FEB. 11, 2017
By Sarah Broadaway
Aspiring Writer

Jonesboro, Feb. 11– For this assignment, I interviewed my mother in our home. I no longer have any grandparents that are living, so the nearly 40-year age difference between us worked well. Her name is Teena Broadaway and she is 57 years old. Growing up in a small rural town called Myrtle, Missouri in the early 1960’s she did not have much access to media. She is now an art teacher at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro, AR.

On a day-to-day basis, Teena uses a multitude of media devices. A few of these include magazines, her cell phone, tablet, computer, and television. Her favorite type is a magazine, because she can physically flip through it. Growing up she mostly used the radio, TV, and magazines. A specific event she can vividly remember watch on the TV was the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. This is her favorite media memory because she found it really interesting to see how big of a deal it was in other cultures and countries.

Historically, there is one event that came to Teena’s mind during this interview. The Westside School Shooting in 1998 is “Forever stuck” in her mind she says. “This day was very significant in our community, because it was just so shocking.” Teena recalls reporters and news stations from all over the country coming to cover it.

According to Teena, media has become an increasingly big part of her life. From the time she was a small child with only a few select options for her media, to now when she uses it in her classroom and home on a daily basis. Media has shaped her whole life and how she connects with the world.

Compared to my mom, I use many more forms of media, particularly social media. I read blogs, use twitter and Instagram, and read textbooks daily in addition to the same media Teena uses. Similar to her, I watch the same television shows and read the same magazines for the most part. If we were to watch different news stations, our views and knowledge would probably differ slightly.

Even though we use media differently, it doesn’t make either of us “more informed” just informed differently. I feel that we both share similar values and our media use doesn’t change them. Overall, I was surprised to hear that Mom enjoyed the royal wedding as much as she did, and that she doesn’t use more types of media than she does.



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