Mass Communication Effects

Chapter 2
Effects of the Media

Recently the media has come into question about whether or not “fake news” had an effect on the results of the presidential election. This is what we know: there are many fake news article on sites like Twitter and Facebook, and there are many people that read these sites that could be considered “media aliterate” meaning they don’t do any fact checking or seek multiple news outlets for information even though they are fully capable.

To say that “fake news” affected the results would be a stretch in my opinion because there are many other factors to take into account. The media, for the most part, failed to reach out to fly-over states and smaller cities for poll results so the election conclusion¬†appeared skewed from the expected outcome. While there are many people who are not well informed, the 2016 election showed more than ever that there are many more that are informed but take the “spiral of silence approach”.


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