Living in a Media World

Chapter 1
Media Multitasking

Growing up, I would get so annoyed when my father would flip back and forth between the news stations, because we would undoubtably miss part of one. Now I realize this annoyed me because I am not a media multitasker. During commercial breaks I can check my twitter feed or my instagram notifications, but thats it. I enjoy looking at what the #bachelornation has to say about whatever tirade Corrine is on each week, or seeing what my friends are up to, but not at the risk of missing the scheduled programming.

In a way media multitasking is a great way to fully indulge in the program or the content provided. What I mean, is that hearing what others have to say about the same topic can broaden our horizons. For instance, live tweeting an event such as the election can allow for an opportunity to hear from people with differing opinions from far away places. I wish I personally could handle both at the same time, but for now I’ll join in on the conversation after the fact.


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